Cruise Away This Summer

June 21, 2018

Looking for an experience beyond sinking your toes in the sand or sitting around a crackling campfire this summer? How about taking a cruise vacation with family? From wide open seas to buzzing arcades to innovative kids’ programs, the appeal of a cruise is simply undeniable for a family vacation. Take your pick from the UNIGLOBE expert compilation of top five cruise themes and set sailing.

All about kids

Keeping kids entertained is no mean feat, even while on vacation, unless you’re on a cruise that impeccably caters to their high energy and low boredom thresholds. These include Disney character-autograph sessions, meals with characters from Madagascar, epic water parks, rock climbing walls and surf simulators among others. Some of the most popular cruise lines offering a plethora of children’s and teen programs on board, also boast of the roomiest family-friendly staterooms on the seas with hip bunk beds, foldout couches and lavish bathrooms.

Cruise Options: Disney, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian


Bon appetit

So you love food and drinks, now combine both with a lively sea adventure. Bringing celebrity chefs on board, offering excursions to farms, markets and restaurants and giving you an opportunity to sample craft beers and learn about home brewing, cruise lines are going all out just to pamper your palate.

Cruise Options: Celebrity Constellation, Silversea Flavours of Europe, Celebrity Solstice


Stay fit

While cruises can often lead to overindulgence, some can actually improve your health. If you’re a family that loves to get away but not at the expense of your waistline, you can opt for health and wellness themed cruises that focus on exercise programs from yoga to walking during shore excursions and on deck.

Cruise Options: Yogacruise, the Great Alaskan Marathon Cruise


Indulge in that hobby

Wouldn’t it be simply great if you had more time to indulge in your favourite hobby? A hobby cruise may just be the answer. From knitting to crocheting to needlepoint to ballroom dancing to photography to horticulture, whatever your interest may be, there’s a cruise out their waiting for you to indulge.

Cruise Options: Craft Cruises, Celebrity Solstice


Musical sojourn

Love music and the open seas? Combine both with a music cruise. Music voyages are among the most popular type of theme cruises available. There are generally 2 types: The first is the cruise that brings the likes of Kenny G on board for a concert or two. The other type is more like a multiday music festival at sea, with a few genre-specific headliners and lesser-known bands perform in auditoriums, lounges, even by the pool.

Cruise Options: Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Celebrity Millennium, Carnival Victory


“One of the hottest emerging leisure travel trends of the day, cruise vacations have evolved far beyond the days of dancing, card tables and parties on deck. Pushing the boundaries of what is possible on board, they’ve turned into holistic experiences in themselves, encouraging travellers to play out their specific interests on the high seas – offering myriad options from musical genres like smooth jazz to knitting to unique culinary experiences, all on board,” adds a UNIGLOBE expert.


Ready to set sail on that summer adventure? Call your UNIGLOBE expert now!